What being in L♥VE with your Honda Win looks like | A PHOTO REPORT

I have to be honest, it wasn’t love at first sight. Maybe it was because he showed me the best places of Vietnam, maybe because we had to rely on each other but I fell in love with my motorbike. And this is what that looks like:

Honda Win Vietnam

First photo: the falling in l♥ve.


Had to capture our first time at the meganic t♥gether.


When you both are soaked through but he still looks this good!

When you b♥th are soaked through but he still looks this good!


                    IMAG5196     DSC01114

When you take the same photo twice because he l♥♥ks so pretty!



When he sh♥ws you amazing places!



When it’s just you two and the road.. ♥



When you don’t care about the view but you just want to take a ph♥to of him.



When you think: please get well s♥♥n bae!



When he l♥♥ks even better in the sun!


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