Liebster Award

I am happy to announce that Stories of a Farang is nominated for the Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is an award given between bloggers to support each other. The aim is to create a supportive online community where new and up & coming bloggers can gain some exposure and be recognized by others.

I would like to thank Lion, Jo and Sem from Woody World Packer for nominating me. Woody World Packer is a travel blog of a family with their roots in The Netherlands but they are currently living in Australia. Their aim is to inspire and inform other people about the countries that they have visited.

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The questions of Woody World Packer with my answers

1. What is your next destination and why?

My next destination is South Africa. I will go there this summer because of my parents’ 25 years anniversary. It is our first big trip together and I am looking forward to introduce them into the wonderful world of travelling.

2. What’s your favorite country?


3. What is your worst travel experience?

Our last day of riding a motorbike in Vietnam. The route of the day was from Buon Ma Thuot to DaLat and it was supposed to take us 4 hours. It took us 10 hours to get there! It all started with a flat tire and a trip to find someone to fix it. After we found a mechanic who fixed my tire, we could finally leave Buon Ma Thuot! We rode through a beautiful landscape until.. sand road! Going back was not an option, we already came this far. We continued and not long after that we faced a river which we had to cross according to Google Maps. When we were looking for a way to cross it, we saw a guy with a boat. he loaded the motorbikes on the boat and he pulled the boat forward through a rope! After riding on sand roads for another hour we finally came on a paved road again! Not long after that it started raining and thundering. We sheltered at a restaurant and after 20 minutes we could drive further. We continued for maybe another 20 minutes when it started raining again. Again, we luckily could shelter. It was raining and raining. Actually, I have never seen so much water falling out of the air! It rained for almost 1,5 hour when we decided that we just should go because otherwise we wouldn’t make it to DaLat in time. At some parts of the streets the water was knee high and we found out that that is not good for your motorbike. My friend her motorbike broke down and we had to get it fixed twice. At the end we were riding in the dark and we were cold and tired! When we arrived in DaLat it was a holiday so all the Vietnamese people were out on the streets. We almost could not ride because we had no space. We lost each other in the crowd when we were soaked, cold and tired. I asked someone on another motorbike if he knew where my hostel was. I did not really speak English but brought me to a different hostel. I entered the hostel and asked if they knew where my hostel was. They called the owner and he came to pick me up. The same happened with my friend. It was a horrible day, the next day I got sick and we decided that we would not drive further to Ho Chi Minh.

4. How many countries have you visited?

I have visited 26 countries.

5. Airplane, bus or train?

I don’t know. It depends on the country!

6. Backpack or suitcase?


7. Who or what inspired you to go traveling?

When I was 18 years old I went to South Africa to volunteer in an orphanage. In the weekends we had off and we went to explore the country. We also went to Swaziland where we stayed in a great hostel. At the bonfire, backpackers told me all their really cool stories. When I looked up at a sky full of stars I decided that I wanted to go travelling after I finished my study. And so I did.

8. Which language would you like to learn and why?

Indonesian, because my grandparents came from a part of Indonesia which is called The Maluku Islands.

9. Which country has the most amazing food?

Thailand, no doubt about it!

10. Solo. Couple. Family. Group travel?


11. What would be your dream trip?

I would love to start in Australia and work and travel there for a while. Then I would go to New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, teach English in Taiwan, then go to China and volunteer in Nepal.

I would love to nominate the following blogs

You may find the rules and more information here!

This are my questions for you guys! You may answer them in your own language.

  1. Sun or snow?
  2. What is the most beautiful animal that you have seen?
  3. What was the most overwhelming place that you have been?
  4. Beach or Jungle?
  5. Where did you meet the nicest people?
  6. Where did you have the best food?
  7. What do you do not like about travelling?
  8. Where do they have the best beer?
  9. What is the most extreme thing that you have done?
  10. Which country is the first on your list?
  11. How did travelling change your life?

I am looking forward to your answers, cheers! ❤


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