5 Favorite Places to Sleep in Indonesia

When I was travelling in Indonesia (Java, Bali and Lombok) I found that the value for money at most accommodations was extremely good. From hostels to more luxury hotels, these were the best ones.

Bamboo Bird’s Nest in Ubud, Bali

Bamboo Eco Cottage Birds Nest Ubud

This bird’s nest is made of bamboo, has open walls and only a mattress to sleep on. There’s nothing else in the nest but that makes it an unique experience and in some kind of way very romantic. The nest is surrounded by a beautiful view of rice fields and palm trees. There are 4 nests, each on a different level and with their own ladder at the entrance. You are allowed to use the amazing pool with swing and relax in the lounge area. We only paid 20 euro’s a night. Have a look here for all available nests and rooms.

Villa Karma Loka in Sidemen, Bali

Villa Karma Loka Sidemen Bali

Definitely the most friendly and modest staff in the world. Add a pool with an amazing view plus a nice and spacious room and you have the best value for money on Bali! From our room we had a view on the pool, rice fields, palm trees and mountains. What else could you wish for? This all for the price of 25 euro’s a night. Click here to book a room or for more information.

Villa Karang, Gili Air

Villa Karang Gili Air

Close to the beach and the pier, clean rooms and a nice pool. Everything you need for a great stay on romantic Gili Air. The breakfast buffet was very good with all different kinds of food and drinks. It was only a short stay for us but definitely one to remember. We paid 31 euro’s for one night. You can find more information about the accomodation on thisΒ website.

Camp site 1 Mt Rinjani, Lombok

Mr Rinjani Lombok

Sometimes it doesn’t take luxury to be the best place for spending the night. That definitly counts for this camp spot. The above photo shows our first campsite when we were climbing Mt. Rinjani. Going to bed and waking up with a view over the crater lake was absolutely amazing. You can book a 3 day trek from Senaru to the summit of Mt. Rinjani at most travel agents on Lombok or the Gili Islands.

Laura’s Backpacker 523 in Yogyakarta, Java


The atmosphere at this hostel is one of the best that I’ve experienced while travelling the world! There is one long table to sit at so everyone has to talk to each other. You’re assured of some nice conversations and new friendships. The breakfast is amazingly tasty and different every day. From noodle soup to Gado Gado, the food was incredible. In the afternoon the staff prepared free local snacks which I couldn’t stop eating. Laura, the owner of the hostel is very concerned with her guests and has brilliant ideas and knowledge of what to do in the area. The staff, service, food and atmosphere were high above average and that for only 6 euro’s a night. Book your stay here or have a look at their Facebook page.

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